The driveline subsystem interfaces are defined in this sub-package of the VehicleInterfaces library. The driveline subsystem has the following connectors some of which are optional (see below for more information):

The optional connectors are, by default, disabled and can be ignored if not required. They can be enabled by setting the appropriate parameter to be true. This is only possible at design time, i.e. when you are building the subsystem model.

Effects to be modelled in this subsystem

Within the VehicleIntefaces package the driveline subsystem is used to model the transmission of torque from the transmission output shaft to the wheel hubs. The connection to the transmission subsystem is a 1D rotational connectors. Different interface definitions are provided for vehicles with different numbers of wheels, a FlangeWithBearing connector is added for each wheel. The torque reaction in to the driveline housings and the housings themselves are also to be modelled in this subsystem if required. The torque reactions, if included, should all be referred back to a single reference frame (the drivelineMount connector).


Name Description
Tutorial Driveline Tutorial
Interfaces Collection of interface definitions for driveline
NoDriveline Empty driveline model for a 4 wheeled vehicle
MinimalDriveline Front wheel drive, 4 wheeled vehicle

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