The powertrain mounts subsystem interfaces are defined in this sub-package of the VehicleInterfaces library. There are three different powertrain mount interfaces defined and the one to use depends on how many powertrain systems are to be connected to this mounting system. The following connections are provided

Effects to be modelled in this subsystem

Within the VehicleIntefaces package the powertrain mounts subsystem is used to model how a powertrain subsystem is mounted within the vehicle body. The housing for the powertrain subsystem should be modelled within the relevant powertrain subsystem and this subsystem models the (usually) elastic mounts that suspend the housing within the vehicle body structure.


Name Description
Tutorial Powertrain Mounts Tutorial
Interfaces Collection of interface definitions for powertrain mounting system
ThreeSystemRigidMount 3 system rigid mount
TwoSystemRigidMount 2 system rigid mount
SingleSystemRigidMount 1 system rigid mount

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