Periodic constant-segment interpolation.

Hypothesis and equations

Constant-segment interpolation in one dimension specified by 2 vectors.

It could be periodic or not.

The dependent variable (homogenous to the input) is specified in the parameter X vector.

The independent variable to be interpolated are defined in the parameter Yvector.

Instructions for use

X vector (dependent variable) and Y vector (data to be interpolated) are 2 vectors having the same size: n elements each.

For all i from 1 to n-1, for any x in [Xi, X (i + 1) [, calculation of y = Yi

For all x >= Xn : y = Yn

For all x, calculation of xp = >if period > 0 then mod(x,period) else x and calculation of y=y(xp)


Validated model - Hassan Bouia 07/2012

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