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Name Description
 Examples Examples
 CombiTimeTable Table look-up with respect to time and linear/perodic extrapolation methods (data from matrix/file)
 ScenarioRT Residential scenarios for the french building regulation 2012
 WaterVaporMozart Water vapour generation scenario
 InternalGains Fixed internal heat gains
 StepFunctionMat Table look-up in one-dimension (matrix/file), constant-segment interpolation
 StepFunctionMatPeriodic Table look-up in one-dimension (matrix/file), periodic and constant-segment interpolation
 StepFunctionSimpleXY Simple constant-segment interpolation defined from 2 vectors
 ShutterControl Shutters control for closure and occultancy during night in the cooling period - comfort objective
 NightVentilation Model of overventilation by windows opening for summer comfort

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