This package contains base classes that are used to construct the models in Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.


CoilHeaderHeader for a heat exchanger register
CoilRegisterRegister for a heat exchanger
DuctManifoldFixedResistanceManifold for a heat exchanger air duct connection
DuctManifoldFlowDistributorManifold for duct inlet that distributes the mass flow rate equally
DuctManifoldNoResistanceDuct manifold without resistance
HACoilInsideCalculates the hA value for water inside a coil
HADryCoilSensible convective heat transfer model for air to water coil
HANaturalCylinderCalculates an hA value for natural convection around a cylinder
HexElementLatentElement of a heat exchanger with humidity condensation of fluid 2
HexElementSensibleElement of a heat exchanger with no humidity condensation
MassExchangeBlock to compute the latent heat transfer based on the Lewis number
PartialDuctManifoldPartial manifold for heat exchanger duct connection
PartialDuctPipeManifoldPartial heat exchanger duct and pipe manifold
PartialEffectivenessPartial model to implement heat exchangers based on effectiveness model
PartialEffectivenessNTUPartial model for heat exchanger with effectiveness - NTU relation and no moisture condensation
PartialHexElementElement of a heat exchanger 2
PartialPipeManifoldPartial pipe manifold for a heat exchanger
PartialPrescribedOutletIdeal heater, cooler, humidifier or dehumidifier with prescribed outlet conditions
PipeManifoldFixedResistancePipe manifold for a heat exchanger connection
PipeManifoldFlowDistributorManifold for heat exchanger register that distributes the mass flow rate equally
PipeManifoldNoResistanceManifold for heat exchanger register
RayleighNumberCalculates the Rayleigh number for a given fluid and characteristic length
WetCoilDryRegimeFully dry coil model
WetCoilDryWetRegimeModel implementing the switching algorithm of the TK-fuzzy model for cooling coil application
WetCoilUARatedModel that calculates the UA-value from cooling coil data at rated conditions.
WetCoilWetRegimeFully wet coil model using esilon_C.mo function
determineWaterIndexDetermine the index of water in a 2-component medium model
dynamicViscosityWaterReturns the dynamic viscosity for water
epsilon_CComputes heat exchanger effectiveness for given capacity flow rates and heat exchanger flow regime
epsilon_ntuZComputes heat exchanger effectiveness for given number of transfer units and heat exchanger flow regime
isobaricExpansionCoefficientWaterReturns the isobaric expansion coefficient for water
lmtdLog-mean temperature difference
ntu_epsilonZComputes number of transfer units for given heat exchanger effectiveness and heat exchanger flow regime
prandtlNumberWaterReturns the Prandtl number for water
ExamplesCollection of models that illustrate model use and test models

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