Blocks for communication devices such as network, CAN, shared memory, etc.


Name Description
SharedMemoryRead A block for reading data out of shared memory buffers
SharedMemoryWrite A block for writing data in a shared memory
UDPReceive A block for receiving UDP datagrams
UDPSend A block for sending UDP datagrams
SerialPortReceive A block for receiving serial datagrams using the serial interface
SerialPortSend A block for sending serial datagrams using the serial interface
TCPIP_Client_IO A client block for TCP/IP socket communication
LCMReceive A block for receiving LCM datagrams
LCMSend A block for sending LCM datagrams
MQTTReceive A block for receiving MQTT datagrams
MQTTSend A block for sending MQTT datagrams
SoftingCAN Support for Softing's CAN interfaces utilizing their CANL2 API library
SocketCAN ALPHA feature. Support for the Linux Controller Area Network Protocol Family (aka Socket CAN)
TCPIPServerConfig Configuration for TCP/IP server
TCPIPServerReceive A block for receiving TCP/IP packets stemming from a client that connected to our server
TCPIPServerSend A block for sending TCP/IP packets to a client that connected to our server.

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