In this section, a first introduction to the Modelica_LinearSystems2 library is given at hand of several examples. The library consists of four main parts that are described in the following sections:

  1. Section Complex numbers introduces the Modelica_LinearSystems2.Math.Complex record that provides a data struture for Complex numbers and arrays and also the most important (scalar) operations on them. Read this section first, because the structuring of records as well as operator overloading is explained that is also the basis for the other parts of the library.
  2. Section Polynomials describes the Modelica_LinearSystems2.Math.Polynomials record that provides a data structure for Polynomials with real coefficients and operations such as evaluation, fitting, integration. The Complex and Polynomial data structures are basic building blocks for the other parts of the library.
  3. Linear system data structures are records on the top level of Modelica_LinearSystems2 that define data structures for different representations of linear, time invariant, continuous and discrete systems, e.g., record StateSpace. Furthermore, operations are provided on these data structures, e.g., to connect linear systems together or plot a frequency response.


Name Description
ComplexNumbers Complex numbers
Polynomials Polynomials
LinearSystemDataStructures Linear system data structures

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