This tutorial provides an introduction into the Modelica_StateGraph2 package (which is often abbreviated as StateGraph2). A StateGraph2 model is a state diagram/state machine to model discrete event, reactive and hybrid systems. It is inspired by Grafcet/Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Statecharts, Safe State Machines (SSM) and Mode Automata, and utilizes Modelica as action language. This tutorial consists of the following sections:

  1. "Steps and Transitions" gives an overview about the most important elements: Steps and Transitions.
  2. "Parallel" gives an overview how to construct composite subgraphs and how run subgraphs in parallel, either autonoumsly or with synchronization.
  3. "Actions" gives an overview how to associate actions in a graphical way with Steps, Transitions and Parallel components.
  4. "Safe StateGraphs" discusses in which sense "StateGraph2" models are "safe".
  5. "Vectors of Connectors" sketches how connections to vectors of connectors (which are often used in the StateGraph2 library) are automatically handled in a convenient way.
  6. "Application Example" gives a more involved application example: The control of a two tank system.


Name Description
 StepsAndTransitions Steps and Transitions
 Parallel Parallel
 Actions Actions
 SafeStateGraphs Safe StateGraphs
 VectorsOfConnectors Vectors of Connectors
 ApplicationExample Application example

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