This package contains a number of modeling elements that are used in thermal modeling without convective heat flows, such as in the thermal modeling of buildings.


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HeatTransfer1-dimensional heat transfer with lumped elements
RSThe bondgraphic linear resistive source element
mRSThe modulated bondgraphic resistive source element
RSthThe bondgraphic linear conductive resistive source element
mRSthThe bondgraphic modulated resistive source element
RSradThe bondgraphic radiative resistive source element
GSThe bondgraphic linear conductive source element
mGSThe modulated bondgraphic conductive source element
GSthThe bondgraphic linear conductive source element
mGSthThe bondgraphic modulated conductive source element
GSradThe bondgraphic radiative conductive source element
CthThe bondgraphic thermal capacitor element
HESymmetric linear heat exchange element
HErAsymmetric linear heat exchange element
RARadiative heat exchange element
DSBondgraphic non-linear resistive (diode) source element
DSrealElectrical real diode of the Modelica bond graph library
ZSBondgraphic non-linear resistive (Zener diode) source element
TSBondgraphic non-linear resistive (tunnel diode) source element

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