Package Sensors consists of idealized sensor components that provide variables of a medium as output signals. These signals can be, e.g., further processed with components of the Modelica.Blocks library.


UsersGuideUser's Guide
DensityIdeal one port density sensor
DensityTwoPortIdeal two port density sensor
EnthalpyFlowRateIdeal enthalphy flow rate sensor
EntropyFlowRateIdeal entropy flow rate sensor
HeatMeterMeasures thermal energy provided between supply and return pipes
LatentEnthalpyFlowRateIdeal enthalphy flow rate sensor that outputs the latent enthalpy flow rate only
MassFlowRateIdeal sensor for mass flow rate
MassFractionIdeal one port mass fraction sensor
MassFractionTwoPortIdeal two port mass fraction sensor
PPMIdeal one port trace substances sensor outputting in parts per million
PPMTwoPortIdeal two port trace substances sensor outputting in parts per million
PressureIdeal pressure sensor
RelativeHumidityIdeal one port relative humidity sensor
RelativeHumidityTwoPortIdeal two port relative humidity sensor
RelativePressureIdeal relative pressure sensor
RelativeTemperatureIdeal relative temperature sensor
SensibleEnthalpyFlowRateIdeal enthalphy flow rate sensor that outputs the sensible enthalpy flow rate only
SpecificEnthalpyIdeal one port specific enthalpy sensor
SpecificEnthalpyTwoPortIdeal two port sensor for the specific enthalpy
SpecificEntropyIdeal one port specific entropy sensor
SpecificEntropyTwoPortIdeal two port sensor for the specific entropy
TemperatureIdeal one port temperature sensor
TemperatureTwoPortIdeal two port temperature sensor
TemperatureWetBulbTwoPortIdeal wet bulb temperature sensor
TraceSubstancesIdeal one port trace substances sensor
TraceSubstancesTwoPortIdeal two port sensor for trace substance
VelocityIdeal sensor for flow velocity
VolumeFlowRateIdeal sensor for volume flow rate
ConversionsPackage with conversions for sensor models
ExamplesCollection of models that illustrate model use and test models
BaseClassesPackage with base classes for Buildings.Fluid.Sensors


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