Name Description
 ForceMoment A rigid body force and moment.
 Translational Translational kinematics of a rigid body. Requires moment definition to be complete. Used as a base for point mass and rigid body.
 PointMass A point mass with translational, but no rotational dynamics.
 RigidBody A body with rotational and translational dynamics. The body is assumed to be rigid.
 RigidLink Requires C_ba definition to be complete.
 RigidLink_B321 A body 3-2-1 rotation sequence rigid connector
 RigidReferencePoint The reference point of a rigid body. The acceleratoin and velocity are calculated here and passed through the rigid connector to the rest of the rigid body components. Convenience variables (e.g. roll/pitch/heading) are also defined as this is the point of interest for the rigid body.

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