This package contains basic building blocks to implement governors, AVRs and PSSs.

The blocks are implemented according to IEEE Standard 421.5-2016, Annex E, with some implementation details taken from iPSL.NonElectrical.Continuous.


Name Description
 LeadLag Simple lead-lag filter
 DerivativeLag Derivative filter with lag
 LeadMOrderLag Lead-lag filter with M poles
 RampTrackingFilter Ramp tracking filter
 FirstOrderWithNonWindupLimiter First order filter with non-windup limiter
 LeadLagWithNonWindupLimiter Lead-lag filter with non-windup limiter
 IntegratorWithNonWindupLimiter Integrator with non-windup limiter
 PIWithNonWindupLimiter Proportional-Integral filter with non-windup limiter
 DeadBand Dead-Band
 DiscontinuousDeadBand Discontinuous dead-band

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