This section defines some general functions, which are common utilities for wavelet transformation and other functions.


Name Description
 _fft An external function to carry out FFT
 cumSum Cumulative sum of a vector. Data type is Real.
 cumSumInt Cumulative sum of a vector. Data type is Integer
 diff Difference between every two adjacent elements of a vector
 fft Fast Fourier transform
 fftShift Shift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
 findIndex Find the location of a value in a monotone vector
 filterBank Get the four wavelet filters based on a given scaling filter
 ifft Inverse fast Fourier transform
 innerProduct Inner product of two same length vectors
 interpL One-dimensional linear interpolation
 midVector Extract the middle part of a vector
 nStdIfft Inverse non-standard 1-D fast Fourier transform
 quadReverse Quadrature mirror of a given vector
 sinc Sinc function
 upsample Up-sampling of a vector (insert a zero after every element except the last one)
 wavConv Fully convolving of a data vector and a filter vector for wavelet transform

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