This package contains Spice-style models of electronic circuit elements built in bond graph technology. The library implements facets of a dialect of HSpice, called BBSpice, further developed from HSpice at Burr Brown, Inc. in Tucson Arizona, a company that has meanwhile been acquired by Texas Instruments, Inc.


  1. Cellier, F.E. (1991), Continuous System Modeling, Springer-Verlag, New York, Chapter 6.
  2. Massobrio, G. and P. Antognetti (1993), Semiconductor Device Modeling with Spice, 2nd edition, McGraw Hill, New York.


InterfacesInterfaces for Spice-style electronic circuit models
RSSpice-style resistor model
CSSpice-style capacitor model
LSSpice-style inductor model
DSSpice-style diode model used inside the bipolar transistor models
NPNlatSpice-style laterally diffused NPN bipolar transistor
NPNvertSpice-style vertically diffused NPN bipolar transistor
PNPlatSpice-style laterally diffused PNP bipolar transistor
PNPvertSpice-style vertically diffused PNP bipolar transistor
NMOSSpice-style NMOS transistor in bond graph technology
PMOSSpice-style PMOS transistor in bond graph technology
NFETSpice-style n-channel JFET in bond graph technology
PFETSpice-style p-channel JFET in bond graph technology
UtilitiesUtility models of Spice circuit element models

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