This package is a collection of simulatable examples which show the use of the library models and elements.


 FreeBodyA simple free falling body
 PendulumA free swinging pendulum
 PendulumExcitedA swinging pendulum excited by a world force
 DoublePendulumSimple double pendulum with two revolute joints and two bodies
 MeasureDemoMeasure demo
 PowerDistanceDemoPower and distance sensor demo
 CraneCrabA damped crane crab
 ControlledCraneCrabA controlled crane crab
 InvertedCraneCrabAn inverted model of a pendulum
 SpringDemoSpring demo
 SpringDamperDemoSpring damper demo
 KinematicLoopAn example of a kinematic loop (manual state selection)
 KinematicLoop_DynamicStateSelectionAn example of a kinematic loop
 PistonEngineA piston engine (manual state selection)
 PistonEngine_DynamicStateSelectionA piston engine
 CounterSpinWheel with counter-spin and dry-friction law
 WheelBasedCraneCrabA pendulum mounted on an ideal rolling wheel
 CraneCrabTo3DA damped crane crab


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