This package is a collection of simulatable examples which show the use of the library models and elements.


Name Description
 FreeBody A simple free falling body
 Pendulum A free swinging pendulum
 PendulumExcited A swinging pendulum excited by a world force
 DoublePendulum Simple double pendulum with two revolute joints and two bodies
 MeasureDemo Measure demo
 PowerDistanceDemo Power and distance sensor demo
 CraneCrab A damped crane crab
 ControlledCraneCrab A controlled crane crab
 InvertedCraneCrab An inverted model of a pendulum
 SpringDemo Spring demo
 SpringDamperDemo Spring damper demo
 KinematicLoop An example of a kinematic loop (manual state selection)
 KinematicLoop_DynamicStateSelection An example of a kinematic loop
 PistonEngine A piston engine (manual state selection)
 PistonEngine_DynamicStateSelection A piston engine
 CounterSpin Wheel with counter-spin and dry-friction law
 WheelBasedCranCrab A pendulum mounted on an ideal rolling wheel
 CraneCrabTo3D A damped crane crab


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