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This is a listing of builtin Modelica functions, miscellaneous Modelica libraries stored in a git repository. There is also documentation for OpenModelica-specific scripting.

Note that not all libraries are supported or have been tested. Feel free to add bug reports either to OpenModelica (for compiler bugs) or to the GitHub projects for enhancements or bugs in the libraries. Older libraries may contain broken links and images (only libraries with modelica:// links produce good documentation). The Modelica Standard Library is the best supported package in OpenModelica.


ADGenKineticsImplementation of generalized kinetics for modeling biochemical reaction networks
AdvancedNoiseA library with additional noise modules compatible to the Modelica standard library1.1.0
AlgebraTestSuiteNonlinear algebraic equation system benchmarks
Annex60Library with models for building energy and control systems1.0.0
ApproxSplineApproximation spline library1.0.1
ArduinoLibrary to simulate sketches on a virtual Arduino Uno and to connect models to real-world circuits using the Firmata protocol0.3.0
BLDCBrushless DC drives1.9.0
BidiDCDCBidirectional DC/DC converter1.0.0
BondLibModelica library for Bond Graph modeling2.3
BrinePropMedia models for p-h-T-rho-eta properties of aqueous solutions of multiple salts and gases0.5.6
BuildSysProEDF's Modelica library for modelling buildings and energy systems3.4.0
BuildingControlLibLibrary for building control0.1.0
BuildingSystemsLibrary for building energy and plant simulation2.0.0-beta
BuildingsLibrary with models for building energy and control systems10.0.0
BusinessSimulationA library for modeling & simulation of dynamical systems in the social sciences, e.g., business, economics, and ecology using the System Dynamics metaphor2.1.1
ChemicalPhysical Chemistry1.4.0
ClaRaSimulation of Clausius-Rankine Cycles1.8.1
ClaRa_ObsoleteClaRa obsolete models package1.8.1
ComplexComplex number with overloaded operators4.0.0
ComplexLibLibrary for steady-state analysis of AC circuits within phasor domain, version 1.0
Correlationdefines correlation between two uncertainty variables
CredibilityCredibility Library - Version
DataFilesFunctions for reading and writing data files (empty version)0.0.0
DeltaRobotLibrary for modelling of Delta Robots1.0.2
DesignDesign (empty version)0.0.0
DriveControlLibrary to demonstrate control of electrical drives4.0.0
DrivingCyclesDriving cycles of vehicles0.1.0
DroneLibraryModelica libray to model drones(UAVs)1.0.0
DymolaCommandsDymolaCommands (empty version)0.0.0
DynamicSelectselect static or dynamic expressions in the annotations
EHPTexamplesPackage containing basic EV models
EHPTlibElectric and Hybrid Power train library Rev Jan 20232.1.4
EMOTHElectric Mobility OTH1.9.0
ElectricalEnergyStorageLibrary for electric energy storages3.2.2
ElectroMechanicalDrivesLibrary for the simulation of electro mechanical drives and vehicles3.0.0
ExtendedPetriNetsLibrary to model timed, stochastic Petri nets and state transition diagrams, extended version.
ExternDataLibrary for data I/O of CSV, INI, JSON, MATLAB MAT, SSV, TIR, Excel XLS/XLSX or XML files3.0.3
IBPSALibrary with models for building energy and control systems3.0.0
ModelicaModelica Standard Library - Version
ModelicaAdditionsCollection of Modelica libraries of DLR1.5
ModelicaServicesModelicaServices (OpenModelica implementation) - Models and functions used in the Modelica Standard Library requiring a tool specific implementation4.0.0
Modelica_DeviceDriversModelica_DeviceDrivers - A collection of drivers interfacing hardware like input devices, communication devices, shared memory, analog-digital converters and else2.1.1
Modelica_SynchronousModelica_Synchronous (version 0.92.1) - Basic synchronous input/output control blocks that are triggered by clocks0.92.1
NcDataReader2Library to read interpolated data from netCDF files and DAP servers2.5.1
OpenModelicaOpenModelica internal definitions and scripting functionsOpenModelica 1.22.0~dev.02-2-ge84afdd
SDFScientific Data Format (empty version)0.0.0
TILMediaTILMedia-Library with thermophysical properties of Fluids and Solids1.8.1 ClaRa
UserInteractionUserInteraction (empty version)0.0.0
VehicleInterfacesVehicleInterfaces Library (Version 2.0.1) - Interface definitions and architectures for vehicle system modeling2.0.1
absAbsolute value
acosInverse cosine (-1 <= u <= 1)
activeStateReturn true if instance of a state machine is active, otherwise false
arrayConstructs an array
asinInverse sine (-1 <= u <= 1)
assertCheck an assertion condition
atanInverse tangent
atan2Four quadrant inverse tangent
backSampleFirst activation of clock is shifted in time before activation of uModelica 3.3
cardinalityNumber of connectors in connectionDeprecated
catConcatenate arrays along given dimension
ceilRound a real number towards plus infinity
changeIndicate discrete variable changing
classDirectoryNon-standard operatorDymola / MSL 2.2.1
coshHyperbolic cosine
crossCross product of two 3-vectors
delayDelay expression
derDerivative of the input expression
diagonalReturns a diagonal matrix
divInteger part of a division of two Real numbers
edgeIndicate rising edge
expExponential, base e
fillReturns an array with all elements equal
firstTickReturns the interval between the previous and present tick of the clock of its argument
floorRound a real number towards minus infinity
getInstanceNameModelica 3.3
holdConversion from clocked discrete-time to continuous timeModelica 3.3
homotopyModelica 3.2
identityIdentity matrix of given size
initialTrue if in initialization phase
initialStateDefine inital state of a state machine
integerReturns the largest integer not greater than x. The argument shall have type Real. The result has type Integer. [Note, outside of a when-clause state events are triggered when the return value changes discontinuously.].
intervalReturns the interval between the previous and present tick of the clock of its argument
linspaceReal vector with equally spaced elements
logNatural (base e) logarithm (u shall be > 0)
log10Base 10 logarithm (u shall be > 0)
matrixReturns the first two dimensions of an array as matrix
modInteger modulus of a division of two Real numbers
ndimsNumber of array dimensions
noClockClock of y=Clock(u) is always inferredModelica 3.3
noEventTurn off event triggering
onesReturns a one array
outerProductOuter product of two vectors
preRefer to left limit
previousAccess previous value of a clocked variableModelica 3.3
printPrints to stdout, useful for debugging.OpenModelica extension
productProduct of all array elements
pureModelica 3.4
reinitReinitialize state variable
remInteger remainder of the division of two Real numbers
sampleReturns the interval between the previous and present tick of the clock of its argument
scalarReturns a one-element array as scalar
shiftSampleFirst activation of clock is shifted in timeModelica 3.3
signSign of real or integer number
sinhHyperbolic sine
sizeReturns dimensions of an array
skewThe skew matrix associated with the vector
smoothIndicate smoothness of expression
spatialDistributionNot yet implementedModelica 3.3
sqrtSquare root
subSampleConversion from faster clock to slower clockModelica 3.3
sumSum of all array elements
superSampleConversion from slower clock to faster clockModelica 3.3
symmetricReturns a symmetric matrix
tanTangent (u shall not be -pi/2, pi/2, 3*pi/2, ...)
tanhHyperbolic tangent
terminalTrue after successful analysis
ticksInStateReturns the number of clock ticks since a transition was made to the currently active state
timeInStateReturns the time duration as Real in [s] since a transition was made to the currently active state
transitionDefine state machine transition
transposeTranspose a matrix
vectorReturns an array as vector
zerosReturns a zero array

Builtin Environment

MetaModelicaMetaModelica Language Extensions

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